Why empathy and strong self-esteem make you a better physician recruiter

Posted by Doximity TF Team

It’s indisputable: physician recruitment is a tough job. 

You’re not just a physician recruiter, either, you’re also a sourcer, a marketer, a client manager, a documentation specialist, and the list goes on. Physician recruiting isn’t an administrative job, it’s a sales job—and it's one tough sales market right now. 

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How recruiters can now connect with more than 50 percent of US physicians

Posted by Doximity TF Team

Great news for physician recruiters: Doximity has now grown to include over 50% of US physicians members, making it the largest secure network of doctors ever assembled—and the profession’s most rapidly adopted new technology (other than the iPhone).

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Recruiting the new generation of digital doctors

Posted by Doximity TF Team

Doctors are embracing digital technology at an incredible rate and it’s changing the physician recruitment landscape.

Yes, the medical profession has long been on the forefront of technology’s latest wonders—from simple x-rays, to magnetic resonance imaging, to telescopic eye implants, and even artificial joints with microchip monitors. Yet when it comes to common digital tools we all take for granted, physicians have curiously been left far behind.

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