Rethinking physician recruitment in a digital age

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In a world where time means everything,
physicians are feeling the squeeze from every side. 

A recent Ponemon Institute study estimates that clinicians only spend 45% of their time (27 minutes of every hour) with patients. The rest of their time is spent communicating and collaborating with other clinicians. Doximity not only streamlines communication, it gives physicians an easy and secure way to tap into their peers’ expertise in real-time.

Physicians use Doximity on mobile, tablet and web.

Recent estimates put the ratio of recruiters to physicians at 1:4, so it’s no surprise you’re feeling the squeeze, too.

Put career opportunities in front of physicians on a platform they’re using every day, multiple times a day.

Physicians are now using Doximity to chart their own career path. The New England Journal of Medicine says 80% of physicians are not actively looking for a job, which means a scant 14% of them are actively searching. So who’s looking at your job board posts? Who’s reading your emails? Our guess is not the right physicians.

A recent Doximity survey revealed that while at least 76% of physicians are passively seeking jobs, they are interested in career opportunities. But the current career and job search process is very inefficient (not to mention unfriendly), and physicians’ email and voicemail inboxes are flooded with messages about positions that are often the wrong fit.

That's where Doximity Talent Finder comes in.

Physicians want control of their careers. And like all of us they’re keen for a pay increase or a better work/life balance, but they don't have the time to go searching.

With Doximity on their mobile devices and desktops, physicians can exchange secure, HIPAA-compliant messages about patients. They send digital faxes and look up specialists and general practitioners. They even use it to earn CME credit. Physicians also use their Doximity profiles to promote themselves and their areas of expertise, or to find colleagues with a specific expertise for patient referrals. Doctors who have published medical research can add their research and publications to their profiles and receive alerts when their papers get an academic citation in another publication.

On the career front, physicians are now joining larger organizations. Over the last five years, more than half of US physicians have moved from private practice to working for hospital systems and large groups. That means the way doctors communicate—and the way they think about their careers—has drastically changed and Doximity gives them the power to leverage their network of colleagues to keep up with these changing shifts.

What separates Doximity Talent Finder from other recruitment sites? Tansparency.

Job boards typically offer vague job descriptions, so physicians have to spend extra time searching for more information. Doximity Talent Finder is designed to encourage depth, not breadth. You’re not going to send mass, impersonal emails with the slim hope that someone responds—while you alienate the rest. What you’re going to do is list a salary range and ample information about an opportunity from the start. You’re also going to use physician profiles to learn about a specific doctor’s interests, education, and future goals before you send a message—ensuring you send the right message to the right doctor.


Physician recruiters like Scott Wilson in Salt Lake City, Utah (an early user) says Doximity Talent Finder is “Hands-down the best tool I’ve ever used.” VentureBeat even called Doximity Talent Finder “the recruiting tool that LinkedIn should have built.”

“Doximity’s social network for doctors now has more members than the American Medical Association.”

At the start of 2014, Doximity's membership surpased 250,000 US physicians, a major milestone for the network. While Doximity is often touted as the LinkedIn or Facebook for doctors, Doximity focuses only on medicine, instead of business professionals or social connections. America’s tech-Savviest physicians are using Doximity, and member numbers are growing fast.

“Our goal is to connect every doctor in the U.S. and if you think that seems lofty, over 40% of U.S. doctors are now members of Doximity,” says Jeff Tangney, Doximity’s CEO and founder. “We anticipate half of U.S. doctors will be members by the end of this summer.” Doximity includes a complete directory of U.S.-licensed physicians, so members can always find exactly who they are looking for; and as more physicians join, it becomes easier and easier to communicate digitally. For recruiters, that means you can even view details of physicians who aren’t yet members of Doximity.

A recent survey by the American College of Physicians listed Doximity as a top 5 most used app among doctors. On Doximity, physicians find powerful networking and professional growth opportunities. WIth Doximity Talent Finder, you’ll find an engaged, expansive community of active and passive candidates who are open to new opportunities.

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