5 powerful tips for optimizing your Doximity DocPosts

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physician-icons-800px.pngReaching the right physician candidates requires employing the right tactics. One of the most powerful aspects of the Doximity Talent Finder platform is its search capability, which gives you the power to identify the right physician for your opportunity. Doximity DocPosts are supercharged job posts. They help physician recruiters target both active and passive candidates with precision—allowing you to connect with and hire the right candidates faster.

Job templates are easy to use and guaranteed to save you time. With DocPosts, you can get in front of Doximity’s expansive network of active physician members through mobile, web, and email channels. DocPosts are powered by sophisticated algorithms that deliver the post directly to relevant physicians in countless places throughout Doximity—and physicians can interact with these DocPosts at anytime, anywhere, on any device. But where do you start?

Long before you publish your DocPost, ask yourself:

  •      Who am I targeting and writing for?
  •      What’s essential to communicate upfront?
  •      What truly makes this opportunity stand out from the rest?

Once you’ve answered these three questions, you have the basis for a great DocPost. The best DocPosts on Doximity Talent Finder also recognize the power of networking. Physician candidates may not be looking for a career change, but they know their colleagues are. Follow our guidelines and impress every reader of your Doximity DocPosts.

1. Optimize the public job title

This is the first thing physician candidates read—and sometimes the ONLY thing they read. Be clear and give your candidates a reason to click for more information.

2. Craft a clear and compelling description

Make sure the details of your opportunity are clearly communicated for the ideal candidate, and finish with a strong, but short call to action!

3. Make it easy to read

The way a job post is perceived by a reader is critical so formatting your job post is critical. Physicians are pressed for time, and they’re extremely mobile (reading on a tablet or phone screen is a lot harder) so try using bullet points and section breaks to get your reader through the text of your job post easier. 

4. Write for specific specialties

Which specialty is your job opportunity for? Grab the right physicians by speaking the language of their specialty. It’s also a way to demonstrate you know the details and perks that matter to candidates in these specialties.

5. Target candidates precisely

Use the Job Template “Specialty” and “Location” fields in Doximity Talent Finder to define the audience of the job post you’re writing. Type in the specialty or subspecialty that captures your ideal physician candidates, and help candidates picture themselves in the right opportunity in the right location.

Doximity delivers DocPosts to relevant physicians throughout every aspect of the platform. Additionally, physicians can search through DocPosts that are of interest to them from the Doximity Careers section of the website. That means your DocPosts reach physician candidates who are actively seeking new opportunities, as well as passive job seekers. 

Are you using Doximity Talent Finder to recruit the best physicians for your opportunities? If not, try it today for free! 

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