10 Reasons Why Recruiters Love Doximity

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February is American Heart Month - a time to raise awareness about heart health and urge those around you to prevent heart disease. February is also a time to share and spread love with those around you. In the theme of love, our team here at Doximity Talent Finder decided to ask some of the recruiters we work with why they love Doximity, and we’re sharing what they said below.

  1. I love that Talent Finder is user-friendly and straightforward. It makes my job a lot easier.
    - Recruiter from primary care organization/subsidiary of insurance company
  2. The ability to write personal, targeted messages to physicians makes this tool stand out from others. Physicians are much more likely to respond to personalized messages.
    - Recruiter from large recruitment firm
  3. The recommendations and expertise of the Doximity team are so helpful. We receive more support from Doximity than we do with any of the other recruitment tools we use.
    - Recruiter from large health system in the West
  4. The ability to target specific physicians with all the search filters is our favorite part about Doximity Talent Finder. We love being able to narrow down to a pool of candidates that are likely to be a good fit for a position.
    - Recruiter from telehealth company
  5. The opportunity to meet new physicians right here in our local area. Through Doximity, we’ve been able to find and connect with physicians who are right in our backyard and that we never thought to reach out to. It’s been amazing!
    - Recruiter from a community health group in the Northeast
  6. I love Doximity because I have access to both active and passive job seekers on the network, which helps us make connections with clinicians in different stages of their career.
    - Recruiter from a physician management company in the Southeast
  7. Having the new option to buy extra DocMails on top of what comes with our Doximity package helps me to connect with physicians that I otherwise may not have a chance to reach.
    - Recruiter from a staffing firm in the Northeast
  8. Doximity has the best support articles for when I’m curious about improving my DocMail messages, Job Post Titles and more. It’s great to have a one stop shop for learning and improving on my Doximity account potential.
    - Recruiter from a firm in the Northeast
    *Current Doximity clients can view these support articles here.
  9. I love that Doximity now has a Job Type filter for “Telemedicine” jobs because it frees up space in my Job Titles for other words to further attract the right physicians to my jobs.
    - Recruiter from a telemedicine organization in the Southeast
  10. Doximity makes it easy for me to evaluate ROI, which I can then pass to senior management, which in itself makes my case for why we should keep using the product!
    - Recruiter from a physician management group in the Northwest

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