Who do you know? Four words than can change physician recruitment

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Ask most physician recruiters how they find great candidates and they’ll tell you they network. As it turns out, networking is imperative for physicians looking for jobs these days, too. In fact, it’s critical for all job hunters in America.

Workers in the U.S. don’t actually hunt for a job—the job finds them, says a new study from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (FRBSF). According to the data, most people who switch jobs in the U.S. never reported even looking for a job. That goes for people who were unemployed, too: 63.1% of people hired weren’t actively searching. What’s more, 42% of hires occur at companies that never even made a vacancy public.

How are candidates getting jobs?

They’re being referred or they have direct contact with the firms and recruiters that are doing the hiring. Candidates in many fields also get “poached” frequently (e.g., firms raid one another to find hires in similar jobs). It seems online job boards have swamped hiring companies with unsolicited CVs and let’s face it: mining those CVs isn’t a great way to find great candidates, either.

On the other hand, referral hires come pre-vetted. If someone whose opinion you value makes a recommendation, that candidate is solid gold. There’s another distinction that most physician recruiters have figured out, too: The highest-performing candidates aren’t likely to be applying for opportunities in the first place. Positions usually have to be presented to them.

That’s why networking is critical for candidates and recruiters alike. In his book The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, recruiting guru Lou Adler says getting referred increases your changes of being interviewed and getting a better job by as much as ten times. The social media landscape makes networking even easier, too, but networking isn’t about connecting with a bunch of people you don’t really know.

Networking is about meeting people you know who can vouch for your past performance and connect you with people you don’t know, and willingly recommend you to others.” - Lou Adler

Social recruiting platforms like Doximity can really facilitate the process for candidates and recruiters alike—especially when physicians aren’t exactly searching. First, Doximity physician members can sign up for specific job notifications via Doximity or view opportunities that grab their attention. Then the Doximity Talent Finder tool makes it progressively easier for recruiters to assess and “cherry pick” potential candidates especially passive candidates. For physician recruiters, that can be as simple as tracking a physician’s profile and assessing their activity. Here’s one important tip: If a physician is frequently updating the information on his or her Doximity profile, it’s likely he or she is thinking about a move.

To grow your network, keep this advice in mind and your chances of securing candidates will grow considerably, too:

  • Reach out to everyone you know but separate your personal and professional lives
  • Ask the people you know to connect you with the people they know
  • Look at candidates and companies who are doing great work and connect with them
  • Stay active in social recruiting networks and keep in regular contact with your connections
  • Ask for feedback about how you’re doing with people in your network

Whether you’re working to expand your own network or helping candidates expand theirs, the best answers address the question: WHO DO YOU KNOW?

So, who do you know...that's using Doximity Talent Finder to connect with physicians? Discover great candidates now or sign up for free.

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