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one-click.630pxThe physician recruitment arena is a buyer’s market. Physicians at all levels of training and experience have a lot of options. A recent labor report even pointed out that it now takes longer to hire for healthcare than it did prior to the 2008 recession. But then you’re a physician recruiter, so no one knows more about the crunch than you do.

Time-consuming application processes, for instance. Does yours make it prohibitive for physicians to apply for opportunities? If you answered “yes” you’re most likely missing out on some great candidates.

Introducing the new “Apply Using Doximity” tool.

The “Apply Using Doximity” method is instant: Doximity physician members simply submit their verified online profile as a curriculum vitae (CV) for an open job opportunity with one click. They can even apply from their smartphones and tablets—and recruiters can then reach out to physicians directly.

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, in collaboration with ab+c Creative Intelligence, is the first institution to incorporate the service. “We saw the majority of physicians are viewing recruitment-related emails on a mobile device,” said Aisha DeBerry, manager, physician recruitment at VCU Health System. “So instead of making them wait to get on a desktop, fill out an application, and upload forms, we partnered with ab+c Creative Intelligence to make it as simple as clicking, ‘Apply Using Doximity.’”

Alex Blau, MD, Medical Director at Doximity, says, "Physicians don't have time to scan their CV or fill out long web forms, particularly if they are researching jobs on a mobile device, so applications often fall by the wayside. We're rectifying that."

The over 300 hospitals and health system partners who subscribe to the Doximity Talent Finder services can use “Apply Using Doximity” now. To learn how to make your application process a lot more efficient simply click on the button.

Apply Using Doximity

Developers can inquire about using the “Apply Using Doximity” API  here.

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