How to showcase your employer brand with a new Doximity Career Page

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Before physician candidates even consider an opportunity with your organization they seek out information about your brand first. What will they discover?

Last week we wrote about Why Employer Branding is Critical to Physician Recruiters. We explained that employer branding is simply your chance to tell potential candidates why your organization is precisely the place they want to work – and if you’re not defining your employer brand someone else will define it for you (whether you like it or not).

If you’re using Doximity Talent Finder to source and recruit physician candidates you’re likely aware of a new feature called Doximity Career Pages. If not, this is the perfect opportunity to walk you through it.

Doximity allows physician members to research companies and learn about your organization before they apply for an opportunity. Career Pages are searchable by physician members, optimized for mobile, and provide an ideal place to host a collection of resources – and build your employer brand.

Your organization’s Career Page includes a high-resolution banner image, logo, and a tagline or short message about your organization. You can also include a video and/or images on your Career Page that supports your employer branding message, as well as links to your website or other sources that support your organization’s mission and message.

Doximity Career Pages include three other areas are of key importance:

1. Recruiter profiles (presented as Career Contacts) are suggested based on the physician who is viewing the page and the associated jobs on your Career Page.

2. Jobs exclusive to your organization are highlighted on Career Pages and (perhaps best of all) they’re sorted by relevance based on the physician who’s viewing the page, including their specialty and current location. So a family medicine doctor viewing your page will see your family medicine jobs first.

3. Favorite Jobs can be saved by physicians for future reference.

If you’re building your employer brand for your Career Page, start by asking three questions:

1. Why do physicians want to work at your organization? What is your unique value proposition as a place to practice?

2. What perception do physicians within your organization and outside of your organization have about your employer brand?

3. What percentage of physicians would recommend your organization as a great place to practice?

Employer-Branding-800px.pngIt’s important to note that candidates will also discover your Career Page via Google and other major search engines, so make sure it’s effectively communicating your employer brand.

Put your best food forward

Building a Doximity Career Page takes very little time, and it’s a tool that will ensure you’re showcasing your employer brand to a broad audience of physician candidates. If you don’t have a Career Page yet, you’ll need the following:

1. Your organization’s logo

2. A banner image

3. A tagline or slogan

4. A description of your organization that’s between 100-150 words in length

5. A video or image that highlights your employer brand

6. Links to your website or other helpful websites or online content

7. Recruiter profiles

If you have questions about your organization’s Career Page, contact your Doximity Talent Finder support team to learn more about adding one to your subscription

To learn more about Career Pages, follow the link below to access a slideshow on employer branding and career pages:

View Slideshow on Branding & Career Pages

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